A Digital Strategy to Survive the Covid Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in the business world. There is not a single business or sector that has been left unaffected.  This has left many employees, managers and business owners scrambling to try and adapt to this strange new climate.  Old ways of doing business and previous business norms have been thrown out the window along with any aversion to new ideas. Overnight businesses have resorted to remote work for all staff and prioritizing tasks. While many businesses won’t survive this crisis, for others this is an opportunity to rejuvenate and modernise your business. There are two fronts to approach this digital strategy for survival, remote working and the digital media. Both these elements are key, and one can’t be prioritised over the other.


Remote Working

This is the latest global trend changing the office life all over the world. It’s important to get used to this and ensure all employees have been given proper training on how to use the remote software and how meetings can be contacted or how work is to be submitted. Sticking to meeting times and work deadlines is key to establish a routine. Workers can be given a more flexible schedule to fit around there day and other commitments like childcare. Studies have shown that during the pandemic, without long commutes and with a flexible work schedule productivity has increased dramatically as workers could prioritize key tasks and were given more freedom.


Digital Media

We’ve dedicated numerous blog posts to the importance of digital strategies such as ecommerce, social media posts and a well-functioning website. If you don’t have all these functioning, you will lose out. For advice on these please see our previous posts on using social media and a website to increase sales and web traffic.


This is a time where we are all struggling to come to terms with this strange new reality. But these two elements have been shown through numerous surveys and studies to help businesses and improve employee welfare and performance. In these times seek out local developers for advice on how to go about implementing these changes.