Blogs For Businesses

Blogs are a growing part of marketing strategies for businesses of ever size in recent year. Why is that you may be asking? Aren’t blogs just for news sites and “influencers”? Blogging has been shown as an incredibly effective way to increase marketing efforts to drive traffic to a website and draw in new customers. Increasingly customers are making purchasing decisions on blog post and advertisers are now regarding blogs as a vital marketing tool. Businesses that have already started to use blogs have admitted that they’re now crucial for the business.

Here are some of the advantages of incorporating a blog into your business website:


As we’ve said before, it doesn’t matter if you have the most beautifully designed website ever made if no one can find it. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) increase your websites visibility in search engines and makes it easier for potential customers to find. Search engines constantly update their rankings for a site’s visibility and any new content you create will boost your sites rankings. Constantly producing new content will keep a sites rankings and visibility high.

Develop Customer Relationships:

Blogging allows you to develop a relationship with customers. They can post comments and questions on the blog allowing for feedback and engagement. These comments can be used as market research to help improve the business. By engaging with customer comments, you can build rapport and trust with potential customers. This will help to establish a brands identity in customers minds.

Generate Leads:

This is a great opportunity to generate future leads for a business. You can ask a customer to sign up for a mailing list with their email. They can receive regular blog post as well as any promotions. This is a great way to promote a business without expensive advertising.
Create Opportunities for Sharing
The aim of a blog is to help a business reach as wide an audience as possible. Whether it’s a post on Facebook or LinkedIn or Tweet it’s a free endorsement of your business. If a post gains traction and goes viral it is a golden opportunity and could produce more new customers than the most sophisticated marketing campaign ever could.

With these points in mind frequency cannot be ignored. One post a year won’t due in order to see benefits businesses and marketing departments must produce content at frequent rate, every week or two, to see the full rewards. The contents of each post are completely up to the business. Blogs are more necessary for small businesses than ever if they wish to stand out from the crowd and succeed in these highly troubled and competitive times.