Choose The Best Images

An image is a powerful tool, it can tell a story, share a moment, persuade, entice and inspire. When you open a website, your eye will focus on the image first, if the image is strong then you are more likely to stay on the page for longer. In the world of visually driven commerce, as it is often referred to, images are no longer optional, they are a requirement.

Before purchasing anything online, a potential customer likes to feel as though they’ve looked at the product, they want to interact with it in a way that visually mimics an in store experience as closely as possible.

The same can be said for other types of websites, imagine you are researching possible health clinics, the first point of contact is likely to be the website. If the images are limited and of poor quality, would you even bother getting in the car to check it out first hand? Or would you skip to the next website with better images and look at that one?

Take your time to find the right images that suit your new or existing website. Images with high resolution and colours that suit the theme, of your website.