Design Trends For 2020

A website is one of the first points of contact many people have with a company, personality or brand, users decide within the first few seconds whether they trust a website. One of the first things people can tell on a website is whether it’s new or hasn’t been updated in years. Most users often don’t have the vocabulary to describe what makes a website look modern or what the latest web design trends are, but they’ve seen certain features so often that when those features are absent the website is seen as old fashioned or out of date. Web design trends are like fashion trends they come, and they go but for any business it’s important to keep up with these trends. Here are some of the trends that web designers are using in 2020:

Brutalist Style

Brutalism is a design trend that has come and gone out of style over the years, over the past few months many web developers have returned to this style for inspiration. Brutalism be a harsh style but with the right content it can form a memorable and beautiful aesthetic.
Aspects of the brutalist style are sharp typography and monospaced fonts with sharp edges. Dark or minimalist colour schemes are also a feature of this style. The emphasis with this style is always with the content, images often take over the majority of the space.
This style isn’t for everyone, but it can be paired with the right content to make beautiful websites. Below are examples of this style.

Immersive 3D Elements                                                                              This is an exciting new development in digital media. In previous posts we talked about interactive elements in websites and how they benefit a website. Over the past view year AR (augmented reality ) technology has been improving and becoming more cost effective and accessible to developers especially for mobile development. While this technology is not commonly used in websites immersive 3D images that take up the full screen. Immersive 3D images lead to quite striking websites that encourage users to stay on the site with their interactive features.

Mixing Photography and Graphics

Above we mentioned how the brutalist style places the content as a priority but it’s not the only style that uses images and graphics so strikingly. Young designers are making photography the main focal point on many new webpages particularly on landing pages. Overlapping custom graphics with original photography can lead to a striking and memorable image for a first-time user. This is possible one of the most common recent trends and can be seen on websites for nearly every industry.

Minimalist Navigation

As websites are being accessed from a greater variety of devices like smart watches, websites need to look as striking and appealing on different screen sizes, so designers are increasingly looking at a more minimalist design for the navigation. Minimising the navigation makes the website easier to use on smaller screens. This can be quite a challenge as you need to take great care in planning the layout to ensure all features are still there and easy to find while still enticing the user.

As we said before these are the latest trends that are prevalent in 2020, while they be as popular in 2021? Who knows? But for now incorporating these elements into your website will make it look memorable and demonstrate the artistry of your development team.