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Google and Facebook Algorithms

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In previous blog posts we frequently mentioned the Google and Facebook Algorithms and their importance in marketing and SEO. But what are these Algorithms and how they work? An algorithm is a set of instructions that run in the background of the program, they perform key jobs constantly. These jobs can be anything from collecting data for marketing, update loading pages and predictive text. Understanding these algorithms is key for developing a business and marketing strategy, you don’t need to understand the code for these algorithms just what they look for and how they operate.

The most important thing to remember is that these algorithms constantly look for new content and updates.  Algorithms have an internal rating in which they assign every website or page with a ranking.  If you constantly update your website or page the higher it will appear on the algorithm’s rankings. Constant update of content is vital in order to maintain a high ranking. This ranking determines how easy it is to find your website or page in a search. The higher the website or page is the higher the ranking.

Another key point in increasing your visibility is the use of keywords. These algorithms use keywords to increase search accuracy. For whatever business you’re running the algorithms have a list of keywords and phrases to optimise each search. You can use this to your advantage by creating content peppered with these keywords to increase visibility. Simple search in google analytics for keywords associated with your industry.

Rankings are increased also by web traffic which algorithms can detect if users are directed through links. So, in any post always place a link to a website or Facebook page this increased activity will drive up rankings of visibility for your page.

While talk of algorithms can be intimidating for many, remembering these steps will help you maximise your use of these platforms. In the modern world these platforms and how they function can’t be ignored and the ability to use them t your advantage can make or break a business.


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