How to start a podcast

In previous posts we mentioned the power of podcasts in reaching an audience. But how do you actually start a podcast? It seems to be a common joke on TV (and podcasts) that everyone has a podcast these days. Everyone who has ever been in the public eye for any length time seems to have started a podcast to give their opinions on…. anything. This has resulted in a sea of content, not always of the highest quality. But in this sea of mediocracy you can stand out with high quality content and production. Here is where to start:

Plan and Script:

This may seem simple but it’s surprising how poorly scripted certain podcasts are, granted for formats like interviews this is not necessary, but if you are doing a drama or documentary type podcast the script must be perfect. Have a rough draft of what you want to say then pass it around and have it reviewed by your team then fine tune it and go in to detail about each point, then pass it around again for a review and repeat until your whole team agrees on it.


The list of must have equipment are:

  • Computer, Laptop
  • Microphones, USB Microphones.
  • Audio Interface
  • Mixer
  • Pop Filter
  • Headphones
  • Mic Stands, Boom Arms
  • Shock Mount

Don’t go cheap on the equipment, the quality of the equipment will affect your output. After this you’ll need audio editing equipment such as Audacity is a high-quality open source software that is commonly used to edit and prepare audio for podcasts.


Making your podcast easily accessible for a wide audience is key, that can’t be understated. If your podcast is on some platform that no one uses that’s no good to anyone. You need to make sure it can be reached everywhere people listen to podcasts, on Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Play, Itunes and even Youtube.

Focusing on these steps will set you on your way to making quality content on whatever topic takes your fancy. Whatever type of podcast you want to make, make it with creativity and passion.  We can’t wait to listen to it.