Interactive Website

Attentions spans all over the world have shrunk. I think this is an obvious statement, we spend more and more time on our phones scrolling through Facebook, browsing videos on YouTube and Googling whatever thought comes into our heads. A challenge for any website or brand is how to stand out in this wave of content and try to grab a views attention and hold it. On the internet attention is the currency, as all social media sites know. So, how can you make benefit from this “attention economy“ and how do you stand out from the crowd? One of the most effective ways is to add an interactive element to a website or app. 

Examples of Interactive features are:

• A chat bot
• Online quiz
• Customer Reviews
• A comment section
• Sharing the content
• Voting
• Entering a location
• Playing a game
• Animations

These features along with the rest of the website and its contents come together to convey a brand identity to users. While these features add another layer of technical difficulty that may require a web developer, as well as a greater financial and time investment, they’ve been shown to have proven benefits for companies and websites.

Increased Sharing

If people share posts or links to your website that’s fantastic. It’s free advertising and avoids the need for expensive advertising and if done correctly with a good marketing plan can lead to huge traffic to your site.  A good way to do this is through creating content that is interesting and encourages sharing such as blog posts, competitions and videos. If something goes viral that is every advertisers’ dream come true.

Improved SEO

With increased sharing and increased traffic to a site means better rankings on Google. Google recognises when a link from a site is clicked on and adjusts the ranking of a site accordingly. This in turn increases and sites visibility in a Google search.

Improved Marketing Research

With greater interactivity you can see how customers behave on the website. Which features they stay on, which they ignore and how long they stay on the site this can all be used to make improvements and increase customer confidence.

Increased Conversion Rate

A good website builds interest just by looking at it and draws the user in with an easy interface. It creates a good impression that results in the user returning and completing transactions and sales. A website with poor interactivity may be seen as old to many users today and that may convey a sense of being out of date or insecure for payments

Websites are becoming more interactive with every passing year. Certain aspects like quizzes could just be a current fad but other features such as chatbots are here to stay. Keeping on top of these trends and maintaining a sites performance are important and will only increase as a priority. Next time you visit a website pay attention to any interesting new features you notice.