Is Joomla Still used for Web Design?

Joomla is a free open source content management system(CMS) released in 2005. Joomla is the top competitor of WordPress in the CMS market, while WordPress is the distinct leader in this market Joomla offers distinct benefits. Among web developers Joomla has a fervent following, many Joomla evangelists try to raise awareness of the benefits of Joomla and it’s use for developers.


Compared with WordPress to Joomla has a bigger learning curve for novice web developers but with that learning curve comes added benefits. Joomla comes with many features built in such as:

  • Content Management that allows a good content organization (categories, tags)
  • Media management
  • A Flexible Menus System
  • Permissions Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Privacy Tool Suite (GDPR)
  • SEO
  • Multi-language websites
  • A customisable template system

There is also a vast library of extensions available to developers to add additional functionality and features such as e-commerce, blogging, database integration and forms.


Joomla is now being promoted more as a safe and secure option for developers and small businesses as viable option for the creation of power and secure websites. Have a lookout next time for any Joomla website and appreciate the features compared to a WordPress site.