LinkedIn for SEO

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms in thee world and has opened career doors for millions of people. It has become as important to job seekers as a CV and is a vital recruitment tool for companies. SEO in LinkedIn is often overlooked by companies, but this is a waste of an incredible resource, businesses must start viewing LinkedIn like Google, as a search engine. With this mindset a business has an endless supply of skilled employees and their fingertips. LinkedIn is also the most popular platform for B2B companies to acquire new clients so increased visibility on LinkedIn is vital to a business’ success.  Due to LinkedIn’s presence and high domain authority search engines often direct users to LinkedIn for certain search terms. Here are some tips on boosting your SEO in LinkedIn you can reap the rewards of this limitless resource.

Create a Full Profile

This may seem obvious, but many businesses miss out on this most basic of steps. Fill in a profile with as much detail as possible. Tell users everything about the company its history, goals, mission statement and recent projects. Make sure it’s descriptive and engaging don’t just throw random sentence together take time to compose the profile. Remember to add a nice profile picture. Complete profiles always appear higher on LinkedIn listings.


Like Google, LinkedIn uses Keywords to help users find certain pages. When writing your profile or posts think of your industry and what might people search for when looking for a company like yours. Your profile page is the perfect spot to pepper with keywords. If you’re a web design company for example your page should be littered with phrase like, “UX design”, Web Development” and SEO as these are some of the most searched for phrases.


As with any social media site the more people you’re connected to the easier it will be for others to find you. Try and add all your employees on the site it will make the company more visible to other LinkedIn users, all your employee’s friends can find the profile more easily and they intern can share content and increase the network effect.

Share and Post

This is probably step to using LinkedIn for SEO. In order for your profile to stay near the top of LinkedIn’s rankings and therefore near the top of search results the profile most constantly be updated. This means writing and sharing posts frequently not once a year or every six months or when a big project is complete but on a weekly basis. Posting makes networking easier and draws people to the profile and makes interactions with other LinkedIn users easier. Any interaction with other pages increases your profiles rankings so post as much as possible.

In these troubled times competition is tougher than ever before, and businesses need to leverage every tool at their disposal.  LinkedIn is still an under used resource that can be effectively used to draw in new clients and recruit talented new staff. Good luck.