Take control of your language learning

At Akalingua they connect students face to face or online with teachers. To put students in control of their language, language lessons and their learning programmes. 

Akalingua Platform

Akalingua is a lead generation platform. That students can post jobs on the platform. Which allows teachers to see when they post. 

Teachers can purchase a lead in order to contact any student when they post a request on the platform.


We created a Akalingua platform to grow organically and dynamically with its users. It's a progressive learning platform that connects students with teachers all over the world. 

Building a vibrant social community through a online interaction and face to face interaction. 


About The Client

MrDeeJay.ie has over a decade experience in providing DJ, Sound & Lighting Services to events and parties throughout Ireland. They offer various services to turn your event into a night to remember.

What They Needed

MrDeeJay required an informative, slick and smooth website to advertise their services to a broad audience. By making the decision to create a website for the company, they will be able to advertise more effectively and generate more customers throughout Ireland.


The Result

We designed & build a modern, state of the art website. It highlights all services on offer from MrDeeJay and provides plenty of information for customers to understand more about the company. Customers can contact the company in order to make a booking or get a quote on their event.



About The Client

Sandblast is a UK-registered charity devoted solely to raising awareness of the Saharawis of Western Sahara and their self-determination struggle and empowering them through creative educational projects.

What They Needed

Sandblast needed a complete new website built to their requirements. It was a complete overhaul of their previous site. We understood that Sandblast wanted to showcase the excellent work they have been doing with the Saharawis. E-Commerce functionality, fully responsive design & easy to use blog/events templates to keep adding live updates about their work.

The Result

We managed to design the website as per Sandblast requests. Multiple menus throughout the site, Interactive galleries and a great UI/UX experience. The website enables Sandblast to sell their products & keep their audience updated regularly with the ongoings of the charity.


About The Client

PeppyParcels are an Irish based Delivery Company. They handle deliveries all over Ireland and distribute all over the world. Offering customers competitive shipping costs with a live cost calculator to be transparent with their customers.

What They Needed

PeppyParcels required a modern, responsive website. They needed clear instructions to customers on the shipping terms & processes. They also required a live cost calculator that would show the customers the shipping costs in real time.

The Result

A minimalistic, smooth UI website, responsive across all devices. PeppyParcels are now able to manage their online delivery orders in one location, with clear information on customers, shipping addresses and collection addresses. It will enable them to expand their customer base with the simple process of booking and paying for a delivery with PeppyParcels.

First Choice Moving

About The Client

First Choice Moving a premier moving company based in Cork, that works all over Ireland.

They do various types of removals whether your family looking to move home or perhaps a business looking to relocate. First Choice Moving will assist you with all of your needs.

First Choice Moving


We built a website that is extremely modern and contemporary. Which is user friendly plus  very responsive on all devices. 

In a very competitive sector, First Choice Moving needed to stand out. 

Nifty Driver

About The Client

Nifty Driver is a bespoke platform that Links customers & drivers together. An international platform that aims to shake up the driving industry. We built a platform that connects customers with any type of driver or jobs they require with a driver

What Was Needed

We needed to build a bespoke dashboard to facilitate interactions between drivers and customers.

All with a international integration of ' Search Engine Optimization


We created a design that was minimalistic with easy navigation for the customers and drivers a like on the platform.

We designed each location with its own unique personal image to make customers aware and create a much easier navigation map on the platform.



Guttastic provides their clients and customers with the latest Gut Health learning resources and guidance on the topic. Guttastic boasts over 25 years experience in the sector. E-Books, Online Consultations, Online Courses & Gut Friendly Snacks are all available through their Website!

What they needed

Mobile Compatibility & Modern Website Design. Guttastics' previous website was not compatible or responsive to mobile devices. This was an issue for any users using their smart phone to navigate the site. Text would appear small, images rather distant & navigation was not smooth.



We redeveloped Guttastics new website with the intention of building a very clean and simple website to navigate for all of its users. 

As a design we wanted it to appeal to it's demographic and potential new customers with a shop integrated on to the site. 

We improved the loading times of each page opening. In order to keep the overall experience very good. 



About the Client

MyTechyPal aims to provide tech support and investment to a wide array of businesses throughout Ireland. Partnering with companies to provide the growth they need to succeed.


What They Needed?

They required a modern new website that portrayed what MyTechyPal had to offer to potential partners.


The Result Was

A modern, responsive and minimalistic website that outlined the features & benefits of partnering with MyTechyPal.


Bartley's Bathroom Renovations

About the client

Over 20 years experience in bathroom  renovations all across Ireland. Providing them with exquisite work that stands out amongst other companies.

What they needed?

They needed a fresh new look, that was professional looking plus inviting for their new potential customers.

The result was

A website to stand out, to show off their elegant modern work. We wanted to invite their customers into a website that speaks modern bathroom renovation.