Small Businesses E-commerce Guide


This is an extremely challenging time for industries everywhere, businesses are closing or laying off staff, customers are staying away and yet in this uncertain time for most businesses some are seeing record sales. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Wish, and Alibaba has reported record sales over the past three months. Consumers have been spending more and more on online shopping over the last few years and the lockdown has only sped up this trend. It’s vital that small businesses and retailers catch-up and create a digital presence to begin selling their services online. Now, this may seem like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be in fact this can be a route to new markets and customers for many businesses and a cheap way to expand. When starting out with an E-commerce site there are just a few things to bear in mind:

SEO Strategy

SEO ‘‘Search Engine Optimization’’ is the key to skyrocket your online strategy. It determines how easy and how visible your website is for search engines. An expensive website is no good if people can’t find it. When first building your site SEO should be a top priority.

Design and Layout

Consistency is important here, the design needs to be coherent, everything from the images to the text to the colour scheme needs to complement each other. For example, if your selling suits your design should look modern and trendy.

Product Display and Description

The display is where you highlight your products and grab the customers attention. It should be easy to find and to navigate on the site, each product should have a quality photo to entice browsers. Each product should be accompanied with a detailed accurate description for each item.

Checkout Process

The final stages of the process should be as simple as possible for the customer. The easier the process the more likely customers are to return to the site. The checkout process should be restricted to a single page with an easily navigable layout.

Contact Info and Support

The best way to solve customer problems is to deal with them directly. When designing an E-commerce site, a section or link for contact info whether it’s email, phone number, or live chat is highly recommended. It all aims to build consumer trust and customer service.

Whether you choose to build the site yourself or hire a professional web developer all these issues should be taken into consideration. This is an exciting opportunity for growth and a chance to add your own personal touch to your business.

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