The Future of Mobile Apps

Phones are everyone that goes without saying. Before you read this article how many times did you checked your phone. It’s estimated that Americans check their phones on average ninety-six times a day, you can only imagine how often a teenager checks their phone. Mobile app development has become a major multibillion-dollar industry in the space of a decade. Developers all over the world are making incredible new designs and features for apps every day, now is an exciting time to be a part of this industry as many new technologies are becoming accessible to developers and a reset to revolutionize app development and how we interact with technology.

AI and Voice Recognition

Artificial Intelligence and its subset machine learning and become buzzwords in the media recently, it seems no part of our lives will be untouched by it. This is a rare occasion when all the hype is justified, AI will completely change how we interact with technology. App developers are using this technology in voice recognition, game development and user choice estimation. All these features will make using an app a more interactive experience than ever before.

AR and VR Technologies

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been the cause of much excitement in the gaming industry in recent years. The technology is being promoted by major technology companies to encourage innovation by developers, Facebook’s Oculus is the most famous example. But these technologies have a whole host of applications beyond gaming in other diverse industries such as Construction, Fashion, Education and Medicine. 

5G Technology

5G technology won’t just affect the way users interact with apps but will open whole new markets for developers and create a data-intensive environment.  5G networks promise to strengthen connectivity and speeding up data sharing by ten times the current rate. This will allow developers to automate core processes and deliver improved application for delivering, sharing and capturing date.

This could be a new golden age for app developers. New amazing apps that make use of these applications are already being released, Ryanair uses AI for user suggestions, the game Alto uses AI to generate intricate backgrounds and fashion brands are developing apps so users can “try on” the latest designs before buying them. Some suggested applications sound like an idea straight out of science fiction. We can only imagine what incredible uses we’ll see in the coming years.