The Importance of SSL Certification

So, you may have heard of the term SSL certification before but are unsure of the exact detail and why it’s so important. You wonder is it worth all the hassle? In short, it is.  SSL stands for secure socket layer, it’s an extra layer of encryption between a web server and a user’s browser. If SSL is properly installed a user should see a little green lock will be displayed on the left of the URL on a user’s screen and https will appear at the start of the URL. SSL certificates are used to secure data transfers on websites, these transfers include login details, contact information and credit card numbers.


SSL certification is the standard for internet security. In recent surveys people claimed they viewed a website as suspicious or untrustworthy if the green lock was absent from the URL. It’s a sign of trust that most internet users trust and expect to be there. Websites without this feature often experience reduced traffic as users view it as unsafe.


Google, in an effort to improve overall internet security, pushed their “HTTPS Everywhere Initiative”.  Websites that show a commitment to internet security and have SSL certifications rank high in Google’s algorithm and thus are easier to find. If your website doesn’t SSL certification and that all important green lock it’s an uphill battle to try and improve your websites SEO.  Let’s not forget that the threat of hackers isn’t imaginary or an unlikely cause for concern. Google and thousands of computer scientists didn’t invest all this time and money for nothing. Cyber-attacks have been on the rise in recent years with attacks becoming more sophisticated and the targets more varied. SSL certificates is the first line of defence in protecting you and your business.


SSL certification is no longer something you can ignore. With consumers expecting more services and interactivity from websites security is becoming a greater necessity for developers and businesses. A security breach could spell the end of a business and leave customers details exposed. Don’t be caught out !!