The Power of Podcasting

Over the last few years the humble podcast has exploded in popularity. Spotify has hundreds of millions of active users every day.  Certain podcasts have subscribers bases that dwarf the biggest radio stations. They’ve become a source of the latest news, controversy and artistic expression. Podcasts have revolutionised the media landscape in recent years and it is now a medium that can no longer be ignored and must fully be utilised by those hoping to reach an audience.

As said previously podcasts reach a massive audience, but few people realise just how big an audience. It is estimated that around 51 percent of Americans regularly listen to podcasts and there are an estimated 750,000 active podcasts.  80 percent of listeners listen to all or most of a podcast episode a research shows that podcast listeners tend to be well educated and affluent. That is an audience and demographic that is tantalising for any content creator.

Podcasts have evolved to encompass almost any topic or taste out there. Browsing on Spotify you can come across podcasts for business, finances, marketing, business strategy, technology, cyber security, modern history, comedy shows or cooking podcasts. There really is a podcast for everyone. This is a chance to show off your creativity and personality in a new and exciting medium the possibilities are boundless.