The Importance of Social Media for a Brand

I feel like the title of this post goes without saying, Social media is vital for the marketing of any brand or business. If a small business doesn’t even have a simple Facebook page, it will not last long I guarantee it. It’s hard to believe that all this social media buzz is only really ten or fifteen years old. Since then it has been changed, updated, replaced (remember MySpace and Bebo), been called a Godsend and criticized as the end of social interactions as we know it. Books and entire college courses have appeared over the past ten years in order to prepare the next generation of savvy marketers.  But is it really worth it? In short yes…yes….yes. It is not an option anymore a social media strategy is vital for any brand. Here are the main benefits for a brand of social media:


Humanize Your Brand

This may not seem obvious for brands but when you post on social media you help to create an image, a personality. Think of what you post on social media and how that reflects your personality. The same principle applies to a brand, if you’re a sports band aiming to attract young people you will post flashy photos or maybe a funny meme with a caption that you target demographic would laugh at. People in that demographic then start associating your brand with certain personality traits.

Establish Your Brand as a Leader

A well-developed marketing campaign will constantly be in front of your target audience across all social media platforms. It will never be far from your target audience’s news feed and is easily accessible. It will be the first brand they think of whenever anyone thinks of a certain item or trade, think of Skillshare who constantly promote themselves across Facebook, Instagram and especially on YouTube.

Increase Web Traffic

This is one of the immediate benefits of a social media strategy. If people constantly see your brand everywhere on multiple social media platforms, it’s easier to direct them to your website.  This in turn improves your websites visibility on search engines.

Boost Sales

Ah yes finally this is the part you’ve been waiting for. Multiple surveys have consistently shown an increase in sales for business that prioritize and develop a strong social media presence. When I say strong social media presence, I don’t just mean one post a year on a Facebook page. I mean constant posts across multiple platforms and striving to gather new likes and clicks.

Go Viral

This is the dream for any marketer to have a post go viral. If you go viral your post will be on top of every user’s newsfeed and just thinks of the amount of possible sales this could generate. This is cheaper than any marketing campaign on TV or radio and can reach a vastly bigger audience.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in social media marketing and unleash its full potential for your brand. If you don’t your brand will fade out especially in these difficult times for businesses. Don’t waste any more time.